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                Car Service Guide

           Car Service Introduction

           Whats a Car service?                

           Types of Car service

           Serviceable Parts


A car service is not just about an oil change, regular car servicing helps your cars performance, Economy, and can identify Minor issues before they become BIG ONES. So in the long run can actually save you Money!


 What is a car service?

To keep your car running in perfect order, you must ensure that you have it serviced periodically.

During a car service, you should expect to have several checks run to inspect the vehicle’s performance and safety.  In this way, any potential problems can be picked up early on, before any extensive, costly work is needed.

Different types of car service

Unlike an MOT, which only checks whether your car is roadworthy, a service will usually focus on three principal areas including:

Oil and fluids service

One of the simpler and less extensive service checks, during an oil and fluids service your power steering fluid, antifreeze, coolant and washer fluid will all be checked and topped up if necessary.  Your car’s oil will also be replaced.  Many garages will inspect your tyre tread and wipers as part of this type of routine check.

Interim service

Although all vehicle owners are encouraged to have their car serviced annually, those who regularly drive considerable distances (such as salespeople and long distance commuters) benefit from having an interim service in between their annual check – usually after each 6000 miles.  This is so that any vulnerable areas of the car (those parts which are likely to wear out before others) can be checked.  If left unchecked, repairs could subsequently prove to be significantly more expensive. 

Full car service

The majority of drivers only need to have their car checked over thoroughly on an annual basis, as recommended by most vehicle manufacturers.

Serviceable parts (replaceable)

During a typical car service, your mechanic will focus on specific areas which they know are likely to wear faster than others.  These include:

Brake disks

Brake disks function by slowing down the car, creating friction when you press down on your brakes.  These disks can therefore wear out and will need to be replaced periodically.  Driving with worn disks can pose a safety hazard, meaning that your car will take longer to come to a safe stop.

Brake pads

Brake pads grip the brake discs and help to slow your car down.  If you begin to hear your brakes squealing, the likely cause will be worn brake disks or brake pads.  It is vital that you bring your car in for examination at this point, so that you are driving safely, although regular car servicing will ensure that both these parts are checked and replaced before they reach this stage.

Air filters

Clean car air filters prevent dust and leaves from entering the delicate workings of your engine and permanently damaging your cylinders, pistons or bearings.  They are a must in order to ensure that the balance of fuel and air within your car engine is maintained for peak performance.  Make sure that you have your air filters checked every 12,000 miles or at least on an annual basis. 

Fuel filters

Should any large dust particles manage to find their way into your car’s fuel, they are likely to damage the carburettor or fuel injectors.  The fuel filters prevent this from happening, so it is vital that you have your filters checked regularly – usually every 3000 to 6000 miles.

Pollen filter

Although it has no direct impact on the actual performance of your car, a pollen filter can certainly make driving more comfortable.  It prevents your heater fan from becoming obstructed by flies and road debris which could then in turn affect the amount of clean air which can circulate throughout the car, allowing pollen and fumes to pass through.  If you are not receiving enough clean air whilst driving you could experience headaches, allergies and drowsiness.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs help to start your car by igniting the combination of fuel and air when you turn the engine over.  Like many other car parts, spark plugs can become worn, dirty or damaged and finally, fail to perform.  For this reason, it is always advisable to have them checked regularly and replaced with other quality spark plugs if necessary.

Glow plugs

Glow plugs work in a similar fashion to spark plugs, creating heat to warm up a car’s diesel engine.  These are particularly efficient in cold weather, when the engine might otherwise fail to start.

Wiper blades

Because they are not an essential part of a car’s inner engineering and so do not affect performance; many of us delay replacing our windscreen wiper blades, instead becoming used to having smeared glass when they don’t  clean the windscreen properly any more.  This, however, can have dire consequences if we are unable to see the road ahead or to the side, properly – particularly in colder months when the windscreen may be covered with salt, mud or melting snow.

Timing belts/cam belts

The timing belt or cam belt opens the valves in the engine just at the right time by turning the camshaft at the correct speed.  It is essential that this is checked regularly during a service and only replaced by a professional mechanic, who will know precisely how tight to fit the belt.  If it is too loose it will not work properly and if it is too tight, it may snap, which could well damage the engine.

Engine oil

Never be tempted to use just any grade of engine oil in your car as this can affect how well it performs.  The oil ensures that all parts of the engine work together seamlessly, but will need replacing during your service as it will become dirty after a time.






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